This award celebrates companies that provide access to the widest range of cryptocurrencies, simultaneously, ensuring transparency, reliability and efficiency.
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Best for Crypto Trading — Even with the growing number of reputed forex brokers that offer crypto, finding the right cryptocurrency broker to buy bitcoin can be a daunting task. The "Best for Crypto Trading" broker not only provides trading access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, but also ensures transparency, reliability and efficiency, being at the forefront of digital security systems.
It is a social trading broker established in 2007. During the recent years, eToro has become one of the key players in the global cryptocurrency and CFDs trade.
Robinhood is a US-based zero-fee discount broker established in 2013. Boasting more than 10 million users, the platform hosts billions in transactions.
London Capital Group is a UK-based broker founded in 1996. With a powerful multi-asset class platform, LCG has grown to become the financial trading provider of choice for serious traders.
Since 2008, Plus500 has been a leading online Contract for Difference (CFDs) trading platform based in London.
The company began as a developer of money transfer applications that has evolved into a financial and investment services platform.
OSOM Finance is registered in Estonia, compliant with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit rules with offices dotted across Europe.
Launched in the summer of 2020, Free2ex is the youngest crypto exchange among the nominees.
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