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The purpose of IIAwards is to recognise excellence and celebrate those who have left their mark in finance. Apply and earn your moment in the spotlight!
How can I enter IIAwards?
Please fill in the form on this website once we announce the Call for Entries. You can also send us a request at apply@iiward.com.
    What is the entry deadline?
    Entries to Investment Innovations Awards close on September 30, 2020. The panel of judges will conclude the award debates on October 30, 2020.
    How much do the nominations cost?
    Don't worry, we don't charge anything for nomination submissions. You are welcome to join!
      Can I enter more than one category?
      Yes, you can submit the same project in multiple categories, yet you cannot get more than two nominations for a single project.
        Who can join?
        We are open to financial companies worldwide. PR agencies, consultants and other third parties are welcome to submit entries on behalf of their clients or counterparts with respective approval from the contestants.
        What is the goal of the IIAwards?
        IIAwards have been established to recognise excellency in the world of finance. We're raising the bar for innovations and urging European alternative finance and fintech businesses to join the contest. Dedicated judges will evaluate the applications and select nomination winners based on their demonstrated cases.
        When and where can I read project reviews?
        From October 1 to October 30, we'll be publishing project reviews at ihodl.com. Based on these reviews, we'll select the nomination winners.
        Why should I join the contest?
        IIAwards gets your expertise in the spotlight. You unlock your technology in a media outlet with 300,000+ monthly visitors, get covered in the IHODL press-release, social media and reviews - and get a participant's certificate. IIAwards is a springboard to global recognition in the world of finance.
        What should I include in my application?
        In the 'Comment to Apply' form, please tell us how your project stands out and fits a specific nomination. Also, feel free to share links to your blog, news or other sources describing your innovative activity.
        Rules and regulations
        Governing the nomination and selection
        of Winners iHODL AWARDS 2020
        The following are the Rules and Regulations Governing Nomination and Selection of Winners ("Rules") established by the Selection Committee ("Committee") for the iHODL Investment Innovations Award ("IIA").

        The Committee is comprised of 7 internationally recognised and respected professionals and academics, including 2 experts from within iHODL, in the fields of securities trading, fintech, alternative finance and many more.

        These Rules govern both the completion of the nomination forms ("Nomination Forms") that are used to nominate each candidate for an award ("Candidate"), the Committee's determination of finalists in each category (the "Finalists"), and the ultimate winners in each category.

        The Candidate's submission of a Nomination Form, or the submission of a Nomination Form on behalf of the Candidate with the Candidate's tacit or express permission, constitutes the Candidate's agreement to be bound by these Rules and any revisions or amendments hereto made by the Committee from time to time in its sole discretion.
        Eligibility Requirements for Candidates
        Licensed institution. Each Candidate must Have a current license for conducting operations in the respective field.
        Nomination Process
        Nomination by Committee. In order to be considered for the award, Candidates must be nominated by the Committee; independent nominations advanced by any other broker, exchange, or other entity associated with the investment industry are not considered.
        Award Categories
        Best Online Broker
        The "Best Online Broker" provides clients with an extensive and versatile offering of investing tools and excellent order executions. The broker has to be persistently working towards perfecting its state-of-the-art trading technology across various devices. The technology has to be accessible from everywhere on the go.
        Best Broker Innovation
        The "Best Broker Innovation" award celebrates excellence in servicing professional investors and recognises brokers who position innovation at the core of their development strategy. The broker has to provide tailored, dedicated services and support, delivering seamless access to the global capital markets for private individuals and institutional partners.
        Best for Millenials
        "Best for Millenials" celebrates brokers who enable their clients to advance their trading efforts and make the leap from novice to professional trader. The broker offers an advanced trading platform and innovative account opening strategies to assist the onboarding process. These strategies may include dedicated support professionals, systemised tips, superior educational activities or technical integrations.
        Best for Beginners
        The "Best for Beginners" broker understands that financial markets can be intimidating at first. It's key to have an online broker that realises beginners' challenges and dedicates resources to address them. The broker has to put in significant effort to describe every technical aspect of the trading process and offer a convenient and intuitive interface to novice users. This broker unlocks competitive pricing plans and innovative account opening strategies.
        Best for Crypto Trading
        Even with the growing number of reputed forex brokers that offer crypto, finding the right cryptocurrency broker to buy bitcoin can be a daunting task. The "Best for Crypto Trading" broker not only provides trading access to a wide range of cryptocurrencies, but also ensures transparency, reliability and efficiency, being at the forefront of digital security systems.
        Next Generation Stock Exchange
        The "Next Generation Stock Exchange" builds on the principles of transparency, liquidity and efficiency. The exchange has to provide trading solutions suitable to long-term investors and tech-savvy short-term traders alike. Besides technological superiority, it has to offer well-rounded access to a vast variety of stocks.
        Best Crypto Exchange
        With 200+ exchanges on the market, the "Best Crypto Exchange" has to combine superior functionality with transparency of traditional forex markets. In the face of growing competition, superior crypto exchanges have to shift towards institutional-grade enterprises, offering secure infrastructure and a wealth of investment options. The exchange has to be at the forefront of using crypto within the global payment system.
        Best Crypto Enabler
        The "Crypto Enabler" aims to shake off the investor skepticism against stablecoins and popularise the digital currency segment. By positioning compliance and transparency as its main aims, the company has to establish its crypto product as a standout option for investors around the globe.
        Cutting Edge Bank
        As neobanks become increasingly popular with customers, existing players need to commit to innovation. The "Cutting Edge Bank" has to be at the forefront of customer-centric technological advancements. Using the latest tech and customer insights, the bank has to offer a highly personalised service.
        Crypto Community Enhancement (media)
        Blockchain and crypto are the two hot topics in the world that are gaining constant traction. The candidate for "Crypto Community Enhancement" has to take the lead in news coverage, delivering authentic and novel insights into the entire cryptocurrency industry. The candidates website has to be accessible in different languages and allow anyone to follow the recent crypto developments.
        Determination of Category Winners
        All awards winners are determined exclusively by the Committee based on publicly available information and empirical evidence acquired as a result of usage tests.
        The awards will be presented on the iHODL platform, on the evening of XX.
        Any questions should be sent to IIA via email at XX.
        Rules and regulations
        Governing the nomination and selection
        of Winners iHODL AWARDS 2020
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