Medium is an online publishing platform founded in 2012 by American technology entrepreneur Evan Williams. Functioning as a mish-mash of both professional and amateur content, Medium effectively acts as a blog hosting site for freelancers and professionals alike.
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Overall Rating
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Ease of Use/Accessibility
Favouring a more generalised approach, Medium's site is markedly less organised and orderly than its competitors. Those who favour a more structured approach will find Medium's one-size-fits-all arrangement frustrating and awkward to crisscross. There's a search feature here, but more precise categories of information ultimately get lost in the sheer oversaturation of content on display. Cumbersome at best.
Though Medium doesn't outwardly divulge the subscriber count on their CryptoCurrency page, it's obvious that a substantial amount of followers actively engage with their content. Unlike Reddit, Medium is something of an exclusive community, championing the quality of its writers and contributors by mandating a monthly membership fee of $5 per user. It might not be as vast as other sites in terms of scope, but for those tired of a casual approach to Crypto, Medium serves as a more functional, comprehensive companion to internet-based currencies.
Breadth of Content
Tailoring content to a dedicated base of paying subscribers, Medium have managed to carve out a niche market of exclusive coverage that is both ample and diverse. Handling a wider variety of topics, posts range from discussions about regulation, interviews with leading players in the field, market tips and tricks, and much more. In terms of the range and breadth of information available here, $5 a month is a more than worthwhile investment.

Educational Tools/Resources
When it comes to edifying its membership on the specifics of the CryptoCurrency world, Medium can't be beat. Each and every post we encountered had some overarching educational focus. In essence, we learnt something new with every new post we read!
Credibility & Sourcing
Medium have foregrounded the importance of quality writing by ensuring that all of their contributors have accredited backgrounds within the CryptoCurrency community. Many write for separate publications and websites, and as a result, a level of believability is afforded their claims and opinions, though we wouldn't expect anything less from a service that charges a monthly fee for its content.
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